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The list of different name on bonus spins can be very long, but the most common name is free spins. On this site you find many UK casinos that are giving out bonus spins, you will find many different types of this kind of casino bonus. We will explain the different sorts here.

Free spins / Bonus spins on sign up no deposit

This means that’s you get a number with free spins or bonus spins when you sign up at a casino and it’s are with no requirements of deposit. This is one is one of our favorite free spins bonuses against all the difference on all kind of free spins bonuses. Why do we like it so much? it’s because you get free spins on a selected slot with no required deposit so you can test the casino and the video slots without to risk your own money.

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Free spins / Bonus Spins after first deposit

This is the most common one of all free spins bonuses, here you get a number of bonus spins after a deposit. Here you can get a lot of bonus spins everything from 10 and up to many hundreds of bonus spins after a deposit. Almost every casino offer this kind of free spins bonus with your first deposit at the casino and it’s like an "extra" casino bonus you get with a first deposit.

Free spins / Bonus spins no wagering required

Some casinos gives out bonus spins with no wagering requirements, this means that’s you don’t need to wager any winnings from the bonus spins so you will keep all your winning and you can request for a withdraw if you want or you can choose to gambling for the money on any other casino games if you prefer that. The most common are that you get the bonus spins no wagering after a deposit.

Free spins / Bonus spins reload bonus

Many casinos run daily casino offers and they are often giving out bonus spins on a selected video slot when you make a deposit or if you have been gambling allot at the casino you can get bonus spins no deposit on the selected video slot. Also when new casino games are launcd, the casinos give out reload bonus spins on the new game.

Super Spins / Super Bonus Spins

What’s the different between normal free spins / bonus spins and Super spins / Super Bonus spins? a Super spin are more worth then a standard free spins, a standard free spins normally have the lowest value and the Super spins have normally ten times more value. For example you get a free spins at Starburst game its wort £0.10 and if you get a super spins its worth £1 per spin, so if you get super spins / super bonus spins you are lucky.


+18, T&C apply on all casinos 

All the casino in the list are regulated of United Kingdom Gambling Commission and they are trustful and take responsibly that they following all the gambling rules in UK

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